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Guitar Lessons

Unlike other guitar instructors, we not only focus on chords, we also incorporate music theory and style into our classes. Students will learn how to play the different chords, read sheet music, and perform tabliture. We stress the importance of wholistic musical education on the guitar. Any student who doesn't have a guitar will be provided one to use by our academy.

Guitar Class


Level One - Basics and Rhythm

Students start off by learning basic chords and music reading, scales, and the tricks to playing the guitar cleanly.


Level Two - First Accompaniment

The second level pairs up a piano student with the guitar student to practice performing pieces together. This level applies concepts from the previous level into performance.

Image by Hannah Gullixson
Guitar Lesson


Level Three - Playing Musically

At this level, students will step up their ability to play various kinds of music by learning about dynamics, accidentals, and key signatures. This will help students to explore a wide array of different styles of music outside of lesson materials.


Level Four - Second Accompaniment

Similar to the second level, this will take all of the knowledge from the previous level and apply it to performance. The lessons inside this level will be sorted into arrangements based upon key signatures.

Musical Duo


Levels Five to Eight - Intermediate

At this level, students will split into their desired track of focus. There are four tracks to choose from:

1. Hymns and Latter-Day Music

2. Musical Composition

3. Classical Music

4. Popular Music

Whichever track students choose will be the one they stick with for the following three levels.

Guitar Strumming


Level Nine - Advanced

At this level, students will focus on perfected sight-reading and advanced performance. Students at this level can also prepare for university and scholarship auditions.

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