Lesson Report: Dawson Muranaka - June 25, 2020

Instructor Name:

Ling-Yu Lee

Student Name:

Dawson Muranaka

Comprehensive Grade:


Today the student learned:

We reviewed fingerings, intervals, notes on grand staff, and played through the first piece in Level A Week 25-26. We also worked on playing with strong fingers and "legato," playing notes smoothly without any breaks. For note identifications, we went through some landmark notes to memorize, including middle C, bass F, bass C, and treble C. We also talked about how notes are mirroring each other with middle c as the axis, and what "sharps" and "flats" are.

Today the student was good at:

Picking old information up fast and applying new concepts. Listening well to the difference between notes with breaks and notes that connect smoothly.

The student needs to improve at:

Keep working on playing with firm fingers but with flexible wrist. Reviewing counting such as dotted half notes (3 beats).


1. Level A Week 25-26 Packet: Review the first piece, skip the left hand piece for now, and learn the third piece or more if possible.
2. Note Identification: Do exercise from this website (https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note/oynsyryyynyyyyy)
3. Interval Identification: Do exercise from this website. (https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/generic-interval/oyrwyry9ynyyyyy)