Lesson Report: Grayson Mikalauski - June 16, 2020

Instructor Name:

Nathan Connell

Student Name:

Grayson Mikalauski

Comprehensive Grade:


Today the student learned:

Today we started the lesson by introducing finger numbers, families of two black keys, and families of three black keys. The Grayson was able to lear the finger numbers really quickly and was often able to get the numbers correct.

Today the student was good at:

Today the student was good at identifying the numbers of fingers and also did a great job at playing the songs on the two black keys!

The student needs to improve at:

Make sure to practice switching off between the numbers on the left hand and the numbers on the right hand. Sometimes he would confuse 2 on the left hand with four on the right hand, so just make sure to continue working on that.


Please review the finger numbers and the first two songs played on the two black keys. If you have time feel free to continue with the packet and do your best to complete the worksheet afterwards.