Lesson Report: Maksad Annamuradow - June 04, 2020

Instructor Name:

Ling-Yu Lee

Student Name:

Maksad Annamuradow

Comprehensive Grade:


Today the student learned:

1. Fingerings in both hands
2. Proper sitting position
3. Playing on three black keys using fingers 2, 3, and 4
4. Playing forte and piano
5. Quarter, half, and whole notes
6. Repeat sign (the monster sign)

Today the student was good at:

1. Very prepared for his lesson (knows dynamics, note value, and steps/skips)
2. Adapts to a fast tempo really fast
3. Singing/counting while he plays (can encourage him to count out loud so he keeps steady beats)

The student needs to improve at:

1. Firm and curve fingers so the first knuckle doesn't collapse
2. Left hand (slower response)
3. Steady beat (learn to count rhythm while playing the notes)


1. Technique (firm fingers)
2. Review: The I Like Song, I Hear the Echo, Old MacDonald Had a Song
3. Preview: Music Alphabet, C, D, E, and steps