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Robotics and Coding

No previous experience is required to take our Robotics and Coding program. We start by introducing students to the basics of circuitry and coding, then we work with them to solidify those concepts. Students start with lighting a simple lamp and gradually work their way up to 3D modeling and printing parts for building, wiring, and programming their own robots. Every two months students from all the robotics classes come together to play games and eat food, making friends with others who share similar interests.



Level One - Basic Code and Circuitry

In the first level, we teach the foundations of circuitry and work with students to learn basic coding and electrical projects. Students start by lighting a lamp and finish this level by building and coding a small vehicle.


Level Two - Collecting Data

This level focuses on building models that interact with the environment. This includes building a project that turns on when the lights are on, then turns off when the lights go out. By the end of this level, students will be able to build a set of small weather stations that are placed in different cities. We also introduce new codes to help students to build even more advanced projects.

Image by Milad Fakurian


Level Three - 3D Design

At this level, we begin training students to use 3D Design and Printing software. Students start by making a small plate and then work their way up to designing parts for their builds.


Level Four - Applied Function

At this level, students will be given problems for which they need to build their own robots to solve. Students will use all of their training in design, printing, coding, and circuitry to succeed at these tasks.

Image by Tom Claes
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